Door mijn ogen encourages the frail elderly to timely express their desires for the future so they receive care that contributes to their personal quality to life.

Everybody grows old. With age we become frail and our need for care increases. Care decisions are much more than just care choices alone.

Door mijn ogen is a communication package that provides care professionals tools on how to start the conversation about quality of life and helps the frail elderly to document; who they are, what matters to them and what they desire in a booklet. The conversation gives room to discuss the elderly their present and past, and strives to introduce a positive view upon a limited future, to ensure that when the future becomes now, the elderly can together with their relatives and the care professionals make care decisions that contribute to personal quality of life.

Individual project in collaboration with service design bureau Muzus and elderly care institution Pieter van Foreest

2019 – graduation project (six months)


The pressure of the aging society on the healthcare requires an empathic, yet also pragmatic approach to ensure care is only provided when it adds value to someone’s life.  To design a conversation tool from an elderly-centred perspective, the frail elderly, and also care professionals, were closely involved in the project. This is achieved through explorative research; including interviews with elderly and care professionals, observations at services of elderly care institution Pieter van Foreest and testing iterative prototypes through design interventions with the elderly (research through design). The result is a relation centred design, which addresses the autonomy of the elderly, while also helping them to connect to their relatives and care professionals in order to achieve quality in the final stages of life.

Personal learnings

  •    Human centred design through involvement target group
  •    Collaboration with multiple companies
  •    Individual project management
  •    Extensive qualitative research
  •    Iterative prototyping (research through design)
  •    Explorative research and design


Multiple employees of Pieter van Foreest expressed their interest in the further development and implementation of the conversation package. This opportunity is still open for exploration, also potentially in collaboration with other companies.